Eh Team Riders Andrew Chapman, Katie Neilson and Kyle Martin headed to the hills of Czech Republic for the second of 11 world cup races this 2011 season. Greeted by heavy rain and organizers that didn?t want the riders to skate the hill, the team wasted no time getting their party on by rolling dice, drinking beers, shooting Jager and eating at the hills restaurant for three meals a day. Finally, after a couple days of sitting around the organizers shortened the track and let everyone qualify with Kyle leading the team in a top 10 position. Prepared for a rain race, the team partied all night in the tent that hosts the largest party on the euro tour and walked out into the morning at 6am to find sun and a track that was rapidly drying. With 90km/h speed sections, hairpins and hella fast sweepers, Katie, Kyle and Andrew made themselves comfortably at home on the very technical hill and raced hard all day. Kyle and Andrew both went out in the quarter finals and Katie won the womens? class, which makes 2 world cup wins for her this season. Below you will find photos of the team and friends enjoying their Czech restaurant experience and a party tent that every event should have.