After spending a week in Czech Republic, Eh Team riders Andrew Chapman and Katie Neilson packed a rental full of their skate gear and hit the road back to Germany for the 3rd stop on the world cup tour, Insul Cup. Insul has a fast top section followed by a middle section of hairpins that really kept riders on edge all weekend. Used to the banked, accelerating hairpins of North America, it was a task all weekend for the riders to slow down enough to not loose traction in the flat turns found in front of them. Dispite the difficulty, Andrew qualified 3rd of over 130 riders and Katie once again had the womens? field in her rear view, this time by 7 seconds in qualifying rounds. Katie was the only Girl to get into the open class, and although she didn?t end up making it through many rounds there, she killed the competition in her womens heats to come out on top with her 3rd world cup win of the season. On the mens side, Chapman was doing very well and set to move on towards the final rounds when an issue with a rider in front of him caused things to go a little wrong and put him on the sidelines for the rest of the day. Over all the event was a success and the two of them will now be trekking their way through the French alps en route to Teolo, Italy for the 4th stop on the tour.