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episode to the Nitro Circus TV series.  I promise you wont be




MTV Nitro Circus Press Release

From Jeff Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville, the producers who brought you

Jackass, comes MTV’s next big smash the Nitro Circus.  Travis Pastrana,

the world’s best freestyle motocross rider since the age of 14, has

built an empire doing things previously thought impossible and always

unadvisable.  His Nitro Circus franchise includes video games, licensed

merchandise, and now a MTV series.  Whether it’s jumping out of an

airplane without a parachute or being the first person ever to double

black flip a motorcycle, Pastrana does not stop.  Joining him in the

cast are his equally insane and entertaining buddies:  childhood friend

and professional mountain biker Jim DeChamp, charismatic loud-mouth

nemesis Andy Bell, base jumping daredevil Erik Roner, female motocross

sensation Jolene Van Vugt, and husky and hysterical former sheet-rocker

Streetbike Tommy.  Their hilariously intense and irrational game of

one-upsmanship coupled with their strong friendship makes this train

wreck the most watchable show in years.  ”Unlike Jackass, the Nitro

Circus guys actually are professionals, but that doesn’t mean they got

all their marbles, because they don’t.  I am wondering if these yahoos

got any.” - Johnny Knoxville


Erik Roner