So Eric Norman has been shredding at Red Lodge at the Summer Ski Camps and filming with Toy Soldier Productions, check out his update and photos – insane snowbanks:

Last week I was extended an invitation to Red Lodge, Montana to ski at Red Lodge International Summer Ski Camp.  After a couple days there skiing the park i met up with the guys at Toy Soldier productions, and went into the Beartooth pass mountain range and built a few jumps and hucked off some cornices for their 2011 movie “Set your Sights”. Apparently this is the most snow the area has had in over 20 years, the snow banks along the roadside were over 20 ft high in some places. They plan on dropping the teaser soon, heres a link to their teaser for last years movie “Come Find Us“.

Eric shredding at Red Lodge
Extreme Snowbanks