It’s been a warm March so far. We kind of dove straight into spring skiing, and there’s no more snow in site. I’m being optimistic that there will be a spring dump, but the forecast is looking pretty bleak at the moment.

Park crews in Minnesota have never heard of salt. Well, maybe they have, but no park in this state gets anything salted. The rail kickers and jumplines are mush. Everything is mostly un-hittable now. The jibs are starting to melt out and wobble. Everything is mostly depressing.

The near future is going to be jam packed however, as we move into spring events like Midwest Superpark and Tyrol Spring Jam. We’ve got a full crew of six riding out in a creeper van to Summit County on Thursday. Can you taste the epic already? Stay tuned… gonna get un-boring real quick!

The last couple weeks have been pretty uneventful. Check out some Spirit hot laps, and a mini session at Chester Bowl for Freestyle Fridays. So here it is, droppin early, because god knows where we’ll be sleeping in Colorado.