Epic Snow Mobile Ride 2010CaviahueTerrain Area: 69,930-acre park in the province of Neuquén, high in the Andes Mountains, set aside in 1962 as a biological reserve predominately to protect the majestic South American conifer Araucaria araucana.Skier ability: Intermediate to Advanced Snowcats: OneGuides: Two Certified Guides per Group Only 18 Km. more along a Snow road, is Copahue at 2.400 m o.s.l, in a hollow on the volcano's slope, a thermal center known even abroad.When it snows in Caviahue, it snows even harder at Copahue. We traditionally get more Snow at Copahue even though we are only 20 minutes away. That means if you want to ski or ride Powder, you want to come Snowboarding with us. Epic Snow Company is known for being the best "Powder bang for your buck" and their top notch customer service. The anticipation starts when you meet up with the maximum of 11 other people in your group. You'll be talking about all the turns you're going to make; how much fun you are going to have; all the face shots you're going to get; all the stuff you are going to jump off. Sitting in the cat as it climbs up the mountain you look out the window. You'll see the snow getting deeper and deeper as you get closer to the powder runs, giving you butterflies. Seeing huge mountains all around brings back the feelings you had the first time you ever went into the mountains. Excitement, anticipation, nervousness, and best of all exhilaration. Food: Snacks and Lunch providedLodging: IncludedVIDEOhttp://www.youtube.com/user/epicsnowcompany#p/a/u/1/BfKtMdb4O7k