Wow, I should probably not write much and let the pictures do the talking, but I was super stoked to see the level of skiing kids at stevens have. I don't think anyone in the park missed their chance to hit the big table at the bottom yesterday.

Here are a few photos from yesterday on the perfect bluebird presidents day!

Kohl slowwwww 180 on the bottom table

Kohl manuevering his way through the smaller/technical/fun upper park section


Two words. Grant Domer.

Aaron Van Dyke with a styllieee tail

Kohl getting corkkkedd outtt

Grant Switch 7 on the Big Table

After having to fix a flat tire on the way up, Coby Trudell wasted no time to throw down.

Have a good one NS,

ps. (were going to have a more detailed park update later this week)