Big news from today,

- I went and checked out the Portland Ski expo today. It was pretty cool. I got to check out a lot of sick jackets (none in the right size) but still gave me some ideas to go online and look around. Also looked at some of this year's skis from K2, Volkl and Dynastar and they are looking really sick!

- I recently saw on the BestBuy website and a thread here on NS, the release of the GoPro 2. It is suppose to have 120 fps, with an 11 megapixel camera. Gonna keep my gopro 1 and hopefully invest in a real camera in the near future.

- Tomorrow, the MatchStick Production's film Attack of La Nina is suppose to drop on Itunes. I am pumped! Hopefully it's as good as the hype and I can not wait to see the Alyaska park shoot and Colby's part!

- To wrap it up, the nfl games this week were pretty exciting. Minnesota almost took down Green Bay with 3 minutes left but came up short, while Tim Tebow threw for 2 TD's with 3 minutes left to force overtime and won it for the Broncos.

Not feeling great today so I am missing the Sunday Night game but hopefully Saints win!