SAs skiers, like it or not we're a group that need to be extremely concerned about our environment.   Yes I like to make fun of the hippy tree-huggers as well (Dan thats you) but they do have a point.   I've seen the glacier out in Whistler shrink drastically over the last few years, and even though I know these things are cyclical, lets face it regardless of what we can see there's a larger problem out there.

The power went out in the office the other day, and I didn't even know what to do.   Everything I had was powered by electricity!   My computer shut off... no NS, no typing, no air conditioning, no cold water, the beer was getting warm and the coffee maker stopped. 

Think about how reliant we all are on energy?   Where the hell would skiing be without electricity and fossil fuels?   The chairlifts wouldn't run, you couldn't drive to the hill, your sled wouldn't go anywhere, the snowcats couldn't build jumps... hell the ski manufacturers couldn't run their factories. 

So as much as we all want to ignore this, us as skiers need a solution or we're all fucked. 

What has just happened at MIT, is that one of their teams discovered a way to essentially re-create photosynthesis under normal conditions.  Plants are really good at storing the sun's energy, and we are really bad at it.   Watch this video:


We're going to need a solution, and solar energy is an absolutely amazing one.  Imagine each one of us creating our own energy just from the sun? 

Not to say that this stuff is available, but keep your eyes out and bug the shit out of mom and dad to do their part to help the energy crisis we're all in. 

Because afterall... skiing is fun as hell and it would really suck to not be able to do it!