Ahhh, Oregon, spring 2008. Couldn't be a better place to be holding the latest installment of the West Coast Session. We've had a banner winter here and believe it or not, the snow is still falling.

Now before we get into all the straight dope on this here "WCS", let me fill you in on some background info about the epic winter in our neck of the woods.

This photo is from Mt. Hood Ski Bowl last month. Mt. Hood Ski Bowl is one of the West Coast Session's generous hosts. Their website is http://www.skibowl.com. Right now, they have 17 feet of snow mid-mountain. Yeah, that's a lot.

Now, this picture was taken only a few weeks ago at Mt. Hood Meadows, just up the road from Ski Bowl. Meadows is another one of the West Coast Session's generous hosts. Their website is http://www.skihood.com. Yup, you got it! They've got lots of snow, too. In fact, it won't stop falling and it's delaying construction of jumps for the WCS! But hey, that's okay... who's going to complain about more snow?

So now that we've got all this snow established, what are we going to do with it all? Easy: we're going to build something like this:

And then, we're going to invite you to come and hit it with us. Fun, si no?

More West Coast Session information will be online before you can say, "pneumoniultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniconiosis".

You didn't actually try to say it, did you? Try breaking it down... "pneumoni - ultra - microscopic - silico - volcani- coniosis." Not so hard eh? And if you can tell me what it means, I'll send you a pack of NS stickers.