Keith Kubiesa, from Chicago

What is your home Mountain?

Tyrol Basin, Wisconsin.

What do you do here at Windells?

I work at Dex’s, the Windells shop, and chase kids down and take their lunches.

What is your favorite activity to do at Windells?

Rome night. Something about chasing kids down and drawing all over their face. It feels good to remind them that your bigger, faster, and stronger. (laughs)

Who is your favorite person to ride with?

Anyone I can laugh with and have a good time.

Being from Chicago what do you think about Lupe Fiasco?

Lupes cool. Its cool he helped put Chicago on the map some because their music scene sucks. Kinda excessive backing Chicago in his songs though.

What do you think about snow skating?

I plead the 5th.

Hairy Potter or Lord of the Rings?

If Hairy fought Golum that would be cool.

What is your most awkward moment at camp?

I was filming with Paul last summer and his brother Dylan came over and depantsed him in the middle of the skatepark.

What do you think about tall T?s?

I think it is a excessive use of material and a disgrace. There are kids in other countries that don?t even have a shirt.


Quiksilver, Zero gloves, Mervin Manufacturing (usually ride Libs, but just got a and Gnu pickle for this summer).


Windells - BMX. Skiing. Skateboarding. Snowboarding.