Empire is running a contest where you're supposed to design the next hot, cool, fresh, and dope, and dank, and ill t-shirt for a chance to win Simon's setup. You're lucky that I'm not allowed to win. I have Empire's T Shirts on lock. They make you look hard. They make you look urban. And they have a hip hop lyric on them. Last year's theme was chicks, and utilized the lines "got the hottest bitch in the game wearing my chain," and "don't take 'em to the crib unless they bonin'."

For this contest, I wanted to shake it up. But I didn't want to shake it up so much as to not incorporate a hip hop lyric. I am an irrepressible young man, hardened to the core by coming up through the white, American middle class. But I'm West Coast (only about 1000 miles away from it here in Utah). So I chose to go with a lyric from a West Coast OG. I really like what I came up with. And I think that you will, too.

Without further ado, I bring you my entry to Empire Attire's Design A Sick T Shirt With Some Hoodrat Shit On It contest.