Here's some cool news from our friends at Empire, who've just launched a brand new website and their snazzy 2011/2012 glove and apparel line...

It took us way longer to get this thing built and launched than we ever expected. Such is always the case with young start-ups like Empire Attire. Nonetheless, it’s here now, and we think it’s pretty awesome.

When we set out to design a new site back in May, we told our web developer that we wanted a website that made it easy for us to share all kinds of great content with our friends and fans. At Empire Attire, we spend a lot of time with the athletes that founded the company, and we have so much fun with it that we want the world to see it from our eyes. That’s why we try to ensure that everyone we hire has a knack for writing / photography / videography and a desire to share their experiences with you all through Facebook, Twitter, and of course this awesome new blog.

Along with the launch of this new site, we’re also launching much of our 2011/2012 glove and apparel line. We hope you take a moment to browse the site, check out the new products, the new blog, and take a look at our updated “Crew” page where you can see live feeds from each of our athlete’s social media outlets. Check it all out at