I asked the team to take photos of their Halloween adventures and send them to me. Some did, some didn't, and many of the ones I received were far to graphic/inappropriate. Here are the ones I can show you though. Hopefully you'll get a laugh out of them.

First up is our shop manager Dan Grund. He went with his girlfriend as Mr. and Mrs. Pac Man.

Dan had a whole series of photos telling their story, but it got a little out of hand. Let's just say this is how it ended.

Jon Hartman spent Halloween as Hannah Montana. Although when I first saw this I thought he was some kind of urban tooth fairy.

Carrie Rossman went as a chick from the 80's:

Jenn Hirsch had 2 costumes, first as Thing 1, a Dr. Seuss character:

(This is also the most impressive Dr. Roxxo costume I've ever seen.)

Jenn also went as the Cheshire cat, which I was pretty impressed with.

Cedric went as a hippy:

And his cat even got in on the action::

I went as my tattoo, but it's not really appropriate, so I'll just show this:

Nevill went as Towelie:

But frankly Mike Broadbent's friend did a better job. Mike appears to be some sort of drunk wizard, which is the best kind.

I'm not sure what Sean Jordan is supposed to be. I'll guess lazy.

Colin Kirkpatrick was Garth:

Jen Allen was a boxer, which she is in real life, so it wasn't too tough to pull off.

And TJ Fry went as a rocker:

Hope you all enjoyed Halloween as much as we did. Breck and Keystone open tomorrow, so the next update will be a skiing one.