The 2009 Emberley Rail Jam kicked off on the 18th of September at

Gardies Tavern in Dunedin, New Zealand. With a two feature set up, a

tonne of competitors and an epic crowd the event was set to be epic!

The day

The dual-trailer dump truck snow boosted off from Snow Park NZ at

7:30am with many tonnes of freshly shoveled snow headed for Dunedin.

Meanwhile the Emberley crew were awaking from a deep slumber, ready for

a freaking long day of organization, stress, and shoveling - lots of

shoveling. The big man in the cool dump truck graces us with his

presence at around 11am, roughly 4 hours too early but he didn't know

there'd be no traffic...

After dumpin that white stuff at the base of the 6m high set up, we

left it for the next 4 hours and proceeded to gather half of the worlds

population to lift the massive flat down box courtesy of Snow Park NZ

and chuck it onto the sweet scaffolding. Next was the sweet urban down

rail sourced from local Wanaka boys, chur!

Speights arrived with a massive amount of sweet banners and box of 24

beers for the crew helping out, and further the good cats from RedBull

rock on up with several of their product and some steezy shot thingies

that made people feel really really alive. At this stage the snow is

still in two massive piles and melting rather fast - it was time.

Photo: Kelli Redes _

Kelli Redes _ DJ Hugo Webb reckons all the wires look like really really long black worms.

At this point it proved that there really are good cunts in the world

with a 20 strong crew of volunteers turning up and providing their 50

cents worth and shoveling 25 cubic metres of snow up the huge set up.

Many snow balls were thrown, many jokes were made, but in the end we

had a pretty dope run in with epically sculptured lips courtesy of Andy

Marr, Blake Lepper and Zak Hogg and massive run out.

Kelli Redes _ Mid afternoon and the lips are almost built, the crew still working on spreading the masses of snow.

Photo: Kelli Redes _ Life is fun in New Zealand!

Photo: Kelli Redes _ The girlies keepin it real.


Light towers on, DJ pumpin some jazzy fizzles, bar taps flowing, judges

in their seats, crowd amping for a good times, riders gearing up and

BAM! the 2009 Emberley Rail Jam kicks off for a sweet sweet start...

Photo: Simon Radford _ Crankin' that urban.

Photo: Simon Radford _ Miss Sarah Gillespie locked in for landing.

Kelli Redes _ Andreas Herbst killin it.

Photo: Simon Radford _ I can't see forwards at the moment but ill press it.

Photo: Kelli Redes _ Here comes the pretzel, yummy.

Photo: Riley Bathurst _ We weren't short of wickedly talented competitors.

Photo: Riley Bathurst _ Judges, Photographers, Crew and Crowd jacket up to brave the rain during the Finals.

Photo: Kelli Redes _ Simon Reeves has a hunch about this one.

Photo: Kelli Redes _ Kelli Redes, yeah girl!

Photo: Kelli Redes _ Hamish McDougall spinning spinning spinning.

Photo: Simon Radford _ Mr Grooten 09's Snowboarding 1st place throwin' down from above.

Photo: Simon Radford _ The crowd pleaser to flat landing rodeo.

NB: Due to weather conditions it may be apparent that there is a lack of skier photos. Mother nature decided it'd be mint to start raining for the finals and continue to piss down for the skiing finals. Photographers retreated with their expensive equipment yet the boys and girls kept on shreddin the shizz out of the set up and a small crowd remained until we had some results...


Winners received a Burton snowboard and a pair of Moment Skis along with $150 cash and a few other goodies from Snowpark. 2nd placers received $100 cash, Boardbase riding gear and funky shizz from Snowpark. 3rd placers took home $50 cash, a few garments and stuff from Snowpark. The prizes were well received and were judged on overall performance in the rail jam.


1st Place Mens Skiing - Matt Soundy

2nd Place Mens Skiing - Callum Runnerstrum

3rd Place Mens Skiing - Hamish McDougall

1st Place Womens Skiing - Christl Radulowiz


1st Place Mens Snowboarding - Tom Grooten

2nd Place Mens Snowboarding - Andy Marr

3rd Place Mens Snowboarding - Kento Yamasato

1st Place Womens Snowboarding - Joelle Juchli

Photo: Kelli Redes _ Christl Radulowiz & Joelle Juchli basking in the glory of being a winner.


A big ups to Speights Summit, Boardbase Dunedin, Moment Skis, Snow Park NZ and Redbull. An even bigger ups to all the people that came along and helped out with setting up, we couldn't have done it without you!!

The night was such a wicked success for the second year running and we will be putting on an even bigger comp next year. We hope everyone had a sweet time, check out and show your support yo!

Much love,

The Boys of Emberley