Hello NS,

As we near the season, we are also coming closer and closer to a new release of Emancipation colors and designs. So I come to you NS, the blood of this machine, for ideas to add new fuel to the fire. Often in past threads I have heard things like, "Those are tight, but I wish they were -this color-". Well NS, it is time to make your hopes and prayers a reality... It is time for a contest.

That is right friends, I want your ideas for the best colors and possibly designs for the next release of Emancipation Neckwear. And what better way is there for deciding colors than to leave it up to you? Here is how the contest will work-

The guidelines...

- Post your idea for a color or multi color design

- If you see an idea you like, quote it and say that you like it or would consider buying it

- After enough votes have come in, I will tally them up and the top winners will receive their prize and have their colors made into the next run of Emancipation

The top 2 winners will get the following...

- A free Emancipation Neckwear Piece of their winning color

- A free Emancipation Neckwear Piece of their choice of color

The top winner will also get...

- A free Emancipation Neckwear piece of their choice of color upon every single release of new colors until I am out of colloge (and who knows when that will happen).

That is right NS, you have the opportunity to not only win free Emancipations right now, but also in continuation possibly for the rest of my life!

---> I will also give out Emancipations as I see fit for those of you who throw out ideas that are top notch and progressive. I have a lot of shit, so feel free to throw your ideas out whether or not you feel that they will win. This contest is about as Socialistic as James E. Harris (too soon?), so I am all about redistributing the wealth.

So vote it up NS, and Emancipate yourselves!