You can talk about dominating an event but there seems to be no one out there like Elias Ambuhl at the moment! Last weekend he took a plane to Sweden and left with the winner’s crown for the King of Style 2011 – Big Air event. Not only that but he bagged himself a piece of the $20k prize purse as well!

Regular format – the riders had 3 runs and the best two were the ones that counted. Double corks seemed to be the order of the day and it was Elias’s double cork 12 reverse tail grab that sealed the victory. This finished off a trilogy of big air wins when you include the Budapest Fridge and The only one he’s missed out on so far is Relentless Freeze.

Joining him on the podium was Bobby Brown and British star, James Woods.

Final Results:

1. Elias Ambuhl

2. Bobby Brown

3. James Woods

4. Tom Granier

5. Jacob Wester

6. Jesper Tjader

7. Jon Olsson

8. Jossi Wells

9. Gus Kenworthy

10. Kai Mahler

11. PK Hunder

12. Oscar Harlaut

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