It?s been a busy summer!! The crew has been working so hard at keeping up with demand and getting to events that we haven?t been spending nearly enough time making Eh Team videos. The last episode featured Young Guns, Fernando Yuppie and Wolf Coleman. Blake took them out in the Eh Team van for a skate after school.This time, a slightly different approach was taken. Adam Yates and Dillion Stephens are both major parts of the Eh Team and huge parts of production here at the shop. Dillion comes from Summerland in the BC interior, he grew up shredding on Giants Head and has developed an amazing skill set on a longboard. He made the Move to Vancouver about a year ago, working first in the packing side of Landyachtz then shifting back into the work shop. Adam has been living the longboarders dream for the past few years. He?s been traveling back and forth between Canada and Australia dodging winter and hitting Europe in between to compete in the IGSA racing circuit. This summer he?s living at my friend Kurt Russell's house along with Dillion, Liam and Grizz. At the shop he keeps the packing boys motivated and the UPS driver on his toes. Adam and Dillion both commute to work on their 2010 Carbon Mummy?s setup with 150mm Grizzly prototypes and white Zombies. They also use it to shred alley?s, hit the beach, do early grabs, ride banks, drift sideways, drag race... Let us know what you think!!!