Now that the lakers are the 09′ NBA champs I thought it was only right to put some West Coast flavor into the blog today. A few weeks ago as many of you readers know, had the Mammoth Showdown, long story short, three production crews (4bi9/Clown School, Montage Inc, and Line Traveling Circus) put together edits from their week stay in Mammoth to be judged by the newschoolers members themselves. In the end it was 4bi9/Clown School that prevailed but all the edits were bangers start to finish. So why not post them in an old fashioned tribute to the west. Also, I spy some saga, thanks for reppin it boys! Watch now.


4bi9/Clown School

Trip! from Evan Heath on Vimeo.


Montage Inc.

Montage May from sean logan on Vimeo.



Courtesy of


Thanks to the Shredtionary blog, it’s where I stumbled upon these edits.

Surface Skis