Hey guys!!It's been a bit of a while since we have updated the site and the cult and it's time to make it happen. We're gonna drop in some new edits, and a bit of a re cap of what everyone got up to over the course of the Northern Hemisphere winter. All the boys have been killing it all season, so we're excited to show you what they've been getting in to. We also have some big changes to the team which we will be announcing in the coming week or so. Whilst we didn't all get to film together as a team at any one point, we will be trying to bring you an actual Nine22 edit, featuring clips from all the riders. We gotta give a shoutout to Patty Baskins who broke his collarbone halfway through the season, but 6 weeks later was back into things at WSI in Whistler! I got to catch up with most of the boys whilst I was in the states this season, though missed out on catching up with some too.I'm also gonna just throw it out there that we're deep into the new range, which will hopefully be releasing in around October. The design phase has been completed and we are now in the process of organising samples etc, so stay tuned for some sneak peeks of what you might be able to expect next year.Finally, as a follow up to my earlier mention of the Michigan article (on the website), I'm going to put together a little season re cap from myself including my trip to Michigan, shredding around Colorado, and our road trips through to Vegas and around California. Edits, and pictures will be included!But anyway, without further ado, here's some viewing pleasure that I have posted on our Facebook page, but that hasn't yet made it to our website!! Stay tuned for some new edits to come in the next few days as well!! You guys have probably seen most of these edits, many of them are still chillin in top rated in the video section, but hey - here's a cluster of edits, watch the ones you haven't seen!Cheers!!Some raw footage of Karl from DOS MediaKarl 2010 Raw Shots from D.O.S. Media on Vimeo.Some backcountry and some urban, once again from Karl!A Week In Utah with Karl Fostvedt from D.O.S. Media on Vimeo.Bit of action from earlier in the season from Nick Miles!Untitled from nick miles on Vimeo.More fizz from Miles!2 and 1/2 Men from nick miles on Vimeo.Da Medication, featuring Patty Baskins!Next, a quick lap at Keystone with Spencer Milbocker.Another one to watch - Armada's ARcast, with the ridiculous Phil Casabon, and Nine22 rider Spencer Milbocker.ARcast Big Bear feat. Phil Casabon, Spencer Milbocker from ARMADA SKIS INC. on Vimeo.Finally, Spencer's own ARcast in his home city Grand Rapids!ARcast Grand Rapids feat. Spencer Milbocker from ARMADA SKIS INC. on Vimeo.ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!