Here is a quick interview with the two new Boone Skiers, Jonathon Chandler and Conner Bennet.

Make sure to watch the short edit at the bottom...

Skier: Conner Bennet Photo: Tyler Orton

Conner Bennett

Age: 16

Location: Bend, OR

Born: GraniteBay, CA

Years skiing: 4

Home Mt: Bachelor

Favorite Place to Ski: Breck

Crew: G9

Favorite Skiing Memory: Doingmy first 7. It was my first couplemonths I ever skied.

Favorite Trick: KFed on rails and Rodeos on Jumps

Where do you wantyour skiing to be in two years:

I want to be doing biggerand more prestigious competitions. In addition to that I would want to be doing a lot more filming.

Do you have any othersponsors?


Do you like filming orcompetitions better?



Its less stressful thancompetitions. Unfortunately theresnot much to film on at Bachelor.

Who is your biggestinfluence?

Jamal Smith

Powder or Park?

That’s a tough oneprobably both the same, because there are different things to do.


Redman, Weezy,

If you could meet oneperson who?

Little Debbie

What are some otherhobbies?

Biking, skating, videogames,

Favorite Food?


If you could do one trickthat you cant do what would it be?

Cork 180

Would you rather have asick video segment or a sick picture in Freeskier

Sick Video segment,because it shows you can follow threw with the entire trick and you can watchit over and over again.

Do you want to be a proskier eventually?


If your not skiing whatwill you be doing?

That’s something myparents ask me. I don’t know justdefinitely not sitting behind a desk.

Worst Injury?

Got a really badconcussion and that’s it. I reallyhaven’t had a bad injury.


I was doing an ally oop 5in pipe and decked at three.

Last Words?

I only ski cuz its cool.

Skier: Conner Bennet Photo: Tyler Orton

Name: Jonathon Chandler

Age: 15years of age

Location: Bend,OR

Born: Orange County, CA and moved to Bend when I was 3.

Years Skiing: 12years skiing 4 in the park

Home Mountain: MtBachelor

Favorite place to ski:

Its really hard to say,but I will have to go with Mammoth


Any of my friends skiingpow on pow days and park on park days

Biggest SkiingAccomplishment:

Winning the Oregon CupOpen Rail Jam, which was the first time I actually got money for winning acompetition.

Favorite Ski Memory:

That’s a hard one but I’mgoing to go with finding new tree jibs after that gnarly ice storm on a sickpow day.

That sounds reallysick. Did you find some good jibs?

yeah, they were all overthe place, i ended a finding a broken tree that you could ride up and it wasabout a 15 foot drop off the end with a good landing

Favorite Tricks?

For rails I would have tosay some sort of pretzel variation, and for jumps im going to go with Rodeos.

Where do you want yourskiing to be in two years:

Hopefully skiingeveryday, winning more competitions, getting out into the back country more,filming more, and overall progressing

Any other Sponsors:

Not Right now, HopefullyI will pick some more up soon.

Do you Like competitionsor filming better?

Probably filming, I don’talways like the pressure of comps, but jam format is always fun since thepressure is not here as much.

Who Influences you themost?

Definitely friends andfamily

Powder or park

Powder, There is nothingmore fun than getting creative with natural features


Anything that sounds goodand isn’t annoying most importantly

If there was one personyou could meet who would it be?

Henrik Harlaut, He killsit

What are some otherHobbies?

Biking and scootering nowand then haha

Favorite Food?

Sushi and ice cream isgood

If you could do one trickthat you cant do what would it be?

Sausage 9

Would you rather have asick video segment or a sick picture in freeskier?

Sick video segment, Ihave always been way more impressed with a sick video over a sick picture

If you don’t become a proskier what would you do?

Something to do withskiing, like a coach

What was your worstinjury?

Broke my collar bone intwo places in 6th grade hitting a hip when I first started going inthe park

Any Words of Wisdom?

Don’t poach a 110 ft pbpjump haha

Skier: Jonathon Chandler Photo: Tyler Orton


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