I had a crazy 24 hours in Edinburgh this weekend to check out some of the Festival which takes part throughout August. It was my first visit there and i was blown away by how cool the city is. The main reason for heading up there was to go and watch Kronos Quartet on the saturday night. More than likely you’re not too aware of the name but you definitely would recognise their music. If you’ve ever watched the amazing, but truly harrowing, Requiem for a dream then you’ll know the tune playing throughout the movie consisting of three violins and a cello. It’s the third time i’ve seen them now and every time they’ve been great.

The show was followed up by wandering around the fringe festival and heading into a midnight comedy act which could of gone either way, considering i was in attendance with my mother. Luckily jokes regarding oral sex were only briefly mentioned, saving any embarrassment as they led onto a more suitable topic – mainly Jew jokes.

Before jumping back on the train yesterday we headed to one more performance – a comedian called John Bishop. As expected, he was absolutely brilliant. Definitely worthy of the thousand seat theatre he’s sold out every day.

This was the second week that my old pentax lens has made the journey out and it gained quite a lot of attention from people as i wandered around. I’m going to try and fix it so that i can change the f2 that its currently stuck on to try and make it a little more user friendly but for a experimental, just for fun lens, i’m loving it.

I’m sure there’s some lovely shots of Edinburgh castle out there on the web but these are a few of the Edinburgh landscapes that caught my attention.

This post just got me thinking. Surely you need to watch the trailer for Requiem for a Dream one more time (if you then decide to watch the film, make sure you have someone close by to hug once its over)

And for something a little more lighthearted, John Bishop: