Hendrik will Give the recap of this day. There is just so much to say,so i will give a tiny bit and leave the rest to Hendrik.

On the 5th of December, 5 people climbed into a a truck, crammed tight, skis everywhere, uncomfortably, for a chance to ride Echo mountain. Echo mountain is a park riders paradise, hidden away 45 minutes outside of denver.Opens at 10am and closes at 9 pm. The entire mountain is lit for night skiing and the speakers playing beats you can ski to can be heard from anywhere ont he mountain. It is a very inexpensive resort, where everybody is everybody's friend. The lodge is more of your dream hang out lounge for you and your friends and the atmosphere is kept by the constant smiles of the riders coming in and out, the ski and snowboard movies playing non stop and the delicious food. We arrived shortly after 1pm and skied untill approx. 7pm. It was a full day, the lift allows for fast laps, through the parks yet in every run you can manage to hit at least 13 obstacles. It is simply amazing the work the park crew puts into making the mountain perfect. We Left the mountain feeling like we had skiied our money's worth. I would reccomend the mountain to anybody who lives in the area of Denver and Boulder. Here's a short recap:

Steve,slaying it

Tom on the C

Tom hitting the double C

Some 1 Critical From Me