The hats have arrived. They are fully in stock, and have been

selling like crazy. Get yours today at

Only $13 + shipping. Order 4 or more and get FREE SHIPPING!

If you do not have a cedit card and wish to send a money order

through the mail, PM mattyb. or send an email to mattyb@echeadwear. Also

If you live in another country (other than North America) and wish to

purchase a beanie, please email

In other news there are a few new riders that have been added to the

Ec Headwear Team. I am proud to announce the new riders are Matt

Margetts, Andrew Hathaway and Ahmet Dadali. They proved themselves

worthy to be on our team.

We are still interested in finding a few more stores, so if you work

at a store, or you know a store that would love to sell some Ec beanies

within it, please also email

Look out for Ec Headwear in the December issue of Freeskier

Magazine, where we will have a full page ad. Other things like this

will be popping up here and there so look out.

Support the Industry, and do what's right. Buy a beanie today.

- Mattyb.