I have no idea why I thought writing that blog last night was a good idea. Maybe cause I needed something to think about instead of sleep. Who knows. Sorry if you read that and I so cruelly wasted your time.Today is an absolutely beautiful day, but sadly it is not snowing and my legs are killing me from yesterday (and my head too). Yesterday was one of the best days of skiing I have ever had. Untracked waste deep powder all day. To top it off I had a demo pair of 153 K2 Fat Loves. They made all the difference. I was skiing runs that I would never touch any other day. I now get how in all the ski movies they can fearlessly go down such steep terrain. It was amazing. I never cared that much for powder skiing, now I want to demo every powder ski we have so I can figure out which ones to buy. (Side note: there is something crunchy in my Banana that I do not feel comfortable eating.) But the day ended with my friend and me finding a quite large fallen tree to climb up and start jumping off. I did my first front flip in ski boots, now I just need to do it with the skis still on.Then last night my roommate decided I should drink a lot. Then he gets a call informing us the Living Legends are playing at Whiskey, so of course we have to go. The only down side was that I had had so much to drink I couldn't properly enjoy their amazingness. Why do people love drinking that much so often, it really seems silly to me. I guess thats why I drink so much less than my friends when I'm up here.