Words & video by Brody Leven

When I decided to leave “the best skiing in the country” for another locale that claims the same title, I expected to receive what I always do on trips: leftover pow, agro locals yelling at me from the lift (granted, usually about where they last saw my runaway ski disappear into the snow), flat skin tracks that seemingly meander along some scenic route, and avalanche debris that’s ruined every line I had previously eyed on the topo.

My arrival in Tahoe was different.

Without a set departure date, I rode the record-breaking storm out to its end. This amounted to three plus weeks of the deepest snow of my life – and that was after five consecutive winters in Utah’s infamously deep Wasatch Mountains.

I’ve never choked on snow so much in my entire life. Here’s to a winter of choking for you, too.

Eaten By Snow