Well im getting very scared here, its about a week away from Christmas and no snow, this warm weather is realy takeing its toll on my emotions. LAst night, in albany NY

it was raining sssoooo hard, think about it i think that its for every half inch of rain its a foot of snow, it rain 1.5 inches, if it was only colder we would be haveing a great day. I wouldnt be here on NS, i wouldnt be typeing this blog and i wouldnt be wearing shorts.I realy and haveing trouble believeing it will actualy even snow on this god for saken coast. The pics of Mt.Hood in the news is just so damn hurtfull, I want this to be a good season for everyone, Let everyone progress and let everyone have fun.But the (so far)condishions arent up to par. well thats all for now fokes.