I went on this little trip to Tennessee, North Carolina, and West Virginia. It was with Freeskier magazine, and I agreed to go on it because I thought it was a funny idea (ha ha, going skiing in all the shitty places that everybody else wants to escape), and also because I was sure there was no way to get seriously hurt on a trip like that. Samsonite. I was way off! In West Virginia, I got hurt way worse than I've ever gotten hurt in my life. I dislocated my hip. I'm really lucky though: 90 percent of hip dislocations happen in car accidents. So I'm part of the lucky 10 percent: People who've managed to dislocate their hips without the help of a motor vehicle.

I wrote a bunch about the fantastic skiing experience I had in the South (or, perhaps more appropriately, in the Middle Atlantic Region). And I wrote about one of the luckiest moments in my life: My hip dislocation sans automobile collision. Read much more about it on my EXPN.com blog, and my personal blog.

After writing all of these things from the comfort (read: confinement) of my bed, I remembered something from earlier this year in the forums. NS member EastCoast_destruction decided that I was an asshole (putting him way behind the times, because everybody else knew that already) for bashing girls skiing (read: recounting exactly what I saw as it happened at the US Open women's slopestyle finals). EastCoast_destruction was angry enough about my opinions (read: starved enough for pussy) to make a thread in which he told me "i [sic] hope u [sic] get injured."

I did get injured -- really badly, in fact. So EastCoast_destruction's hopes came true. I wonder if the hope for pussy that drove him to make that post also came true. I hope so.