Matt Heffernan here kickin it up at the dorms at the U of U in Salt Lake. Through the months of October and into November we've gotten a total of around 3 feet of snow so we've made good use of it. After the first storm we decided to roll up to Alta and make a preseason kicker....Steep inrun, no tranny, and a little kicker somehow make for a sick day! Here's a few shotsCourtesy of

After that little jump sesh it got rather warm and everything was pretty beat so we waited it out and finally the temps dropped and the snow started falling once again. Brighton opened up on the 11th so we've been shredding there every day since. Between getting a few shallow pow turns and hitting jibs it's been a good time....check this small edit of what went down todayUntitled from matt heffernan on Vimeo.
Check out and I'll catch yall later once more snow fallspeace,Heff