Hey everyone. As I just wrapped up my time at the University of Vermont (graduated with a marketing degree, yay!), I finally have time to sit down and put together my first update for Boone. I got hooked up with Boone Skis over the summer, and I couldn't be more stoked about it. I've been hitting up the early season park at Stowe pretty frequently, as well as some local rails jams. Thought I'd share some pictures and a little edit (sorry about the quality) from an hour or so of skiing last week. Enjoy!

AJ's Sports Rail Jam in Stowe... picked up a second place as well as some bruises from a gnarly setup
Stowe's ealy season park
Stowe's First Trick jam session
So that's pretty much what I've been up to... jibbing.Now that the winter is in full swing and I'm done at UVM I plan on traveling and skiing as much as possible. I'll keep everyone posted on what I'm up to.Thanks to Chris Lisle for the pictures, check him out at http://clisle.wordpress.com/I'll leave you with a little edit I threw together from an hour or so of skiing last week. Obviously we had some camera issues that have since been resolved, but you get the idea. My next update will boast vastly superior video quality, and hopefully, JUMPS!Hope everyone's enjoying the winter-JeffUntitled from Jeff Neagle on Vimeo.