Super U and are proud to announce "Early Season Urban in Calgary Alberta" by Kyle Sanborn has won $3,000 in the "Early Season Sessions" contest. The film will also have the chance to be broadcast on Super Channel.

Judges Jeff Schmuck of, Jeff Thomas of Poorboyz, and Pro Skier Joe Schuster had a difficult time picking the winner, making this one of the most challenging contests to win on to date. For judge Joe Schuster it came down to his gut feelings, "I felt that 'Calgary' had that over all good feeling. It’s the one that got me really stoked to go shred!"

In his film, the skiers take on many challenges to ride some of Calgary's many urban features such as handrails. “It takes a lot of effort to nail just a few seconds of footage that looks good shooting urbans. Security, wind, cold and lack of sleep can waste an entire night of trying, ” said Sanborn.

When asked about the inspiration behind the film, he said: “I wanted to show how dedicated Sash Lazic, David Cote, Rob Heule, Dane Ulsifer were towards getting some solid shots on rails in Calgary.” Sanborn dedicated himself to documenting these Early Season Sessions because he “wanted to show that regardless of how much work it takes, whenever there is enough snow on the ground in town, these guys - like lots of other Calgary riders - are pumped to find a new set up and beat themselves up on it until it works."

To view the winning entry, click here.

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On behalf of everyone at NS and Super U, we want to give a great big shout to everyone who entered, participated and voted in this contest. We're super stoked on how it turned out, and stay tuned for another badass contest in the coming weeks courtesy of the good people at Super Cheers!