This past Sunday I ventured up with the masses to Keystone.  Again.  And while the wait was painfully long at times, it became worth it, as Keystone has the best park available right now.  A fact proven by the vast amount of people there, many of whom had journeyed from other states.

We saw LJ there.

Along with Tom Wallisch

Adam Delorme was throwing down as usual.

Matt Walker was there, and even managed to do some tricks when he wasn't signing autographs.

Showing kids how to stretch.

Steph Myers was holding it down for the ladies.

Along with Carrie Rossman and Jenn Hirsch

Carrie's brother Johnny was gapping the stair set.

We occasionally saw Jake Szarzec roll through.

Even I managed to hit some rails.

And Landon was throwing down all day.

Until tragedy struck.  Landon called me and said he needed someone to chase him down under the gondola and get a photo of him, as he was on his way to the hospital.  So Schmitty went off to see what was wrong. 

DISCLAIMER: This may be too graphic for some people.  If you hate seeing blood, don't read any further.

Not too bad...

Apparently falling on the edge of your ski can be way worse than previously imagined.  After a long hospital visit, and about 100 stitches, Landon is going to make it, and should be back on snow soon.

Big thanks to Schmitty and Brandon Mutari for all the photos.  Make sure to get up to Keystone for some of the best early season park riding you'll ever do.