This Wednesday is the day we give special thanks to Mother Earth. She provides us with all the things we know and have in life. Even the manmade stuff, it once came from the earth in some way or another. A friend of mine was talking to me about energy a while back and brought up a simple but amazing point I had never thought about. If everything is made up of matter, atoms and at the center of each atom is a nucleus which is essentially energy. Then everything is made up of energy at it's most raw form. When you broaden that thought into everything you touch, use, drive etc. day to day, the miracle of life can blow your mind!The example she used was cars. The oil used to fuel the car, once came from deep deep in the earth and is millions and millions of years old. This old energy, propels us and we can move at unbelievable speeds with only the tilt of your foot on the gas pedal! Outrageous! Amazing! When I think about driving cars in this way, it is just mind blowing. If we all took a little time today, or better yet everyday, to really marvel in the wonders of life around us, the world would be full of inspired people.