EA Announced skate 4 today. Although not in anyway a skiing game, a bunch of us have passed the time through the hottest days of summer, playing the hell out of the previous skate games. Hell, we had triple corks dialed on the mega ramp before skiers were getting them around. Maybe we should be sponsored?

Regardless of the reason for the announcement, this is a big friggin day. The skate series really changed the way "extreme" sports"and video game console controllers interlinked. There was something about that link that just felt right, and allowed us to waste hours and hours hitting spots, cruising around, or building absurd parks in the editor.

I am a little bummed that EA ignored a decade full of millions of comments regarding skate 4, then got jealous of the THPS reboot coming out and decided to drop it. Sure skate 4 will probably be sick, I'll absolutely play it, but it's been pretty obvious that EA doesn't care that much about the customers. How many years have gone by where literally every comment on every insta post relates to skate 4? I'm also not a huge fan of their online policies, but whatever.

Will I play skate 4? Absolutely yes. Do I want to kick EA in the nutsack? Also yes.

This is a pretty cool day regardless. I actually haven't bought anything newer than my old 360, but some other games have had me taking a gander, and skate 4 would seal the deal. Also the previously mentioned THPS looks pretty sweet. I like the physics better in skate, and will probably suck at tony hawk, but I might buy it for the nostalgia alone. That soundtrack, those levels, characters, and tricks were a giant piece of my childhood. Maybe that's a sad life, but it's my life and I know I'm not alone. The 90's and early 2000's were a great time for action sports video games, I'm hoping this is just the beginning. Make America skate again!

Who's hyped?