By Ethan Stone,

All information from Cody Carter, Dynastar/Look/Lange/Kerma, Newschool APA

The word is out on Dynastar's enticing new models for the 2003 season. A exclusive, take a sneak peek of what the boys have cooked up for you!


The well-loved Concept model is back, with new graphics to boot. Featuring a wood core for durability, torsion box and power spring for on-snow performance, and of course a twin-tip, this multi-faceted ski is aimed at the performance jib skier and "those who dream."

Accompanying the Concept is Dynastar's Team Concept, a model similar in design but featuring a more diverse range of lengths. The Team Concept is built for the aspiring newschool skier.


The Twister steps up as Dynastar's leading bump ski. Featuring a power spring structure, wood core, and a deeper sidecut for a new turn shape, the Twister can be relied upon by the newschool mogul freestyle participant.


The Snap, Dynastar's offering for the young jibber, is armed with a multi-cell core, Agyl techology, and a HMW base. This ski is ideal for young skiers looking for a solid ski in the 140-160 cm range.


Want to take newschool to the backcountry? Look no further. The Little Big Fat has it all, from Autodrive S Techonology to wicked graphics. And twin-tipped, of course. The 88 cm waist gives the ski unparalleled stability.

Random Stats


Sidecut: 103-72-95

Flex: 73-53-65

Sizes: 153/165/178

Power spring structure, wood core, fiber torsion box, HMW base.


Sidecut: 93-65-81

Flex: 58-60-92

Sizes: 120/130/140/150/160

Composite core, twin tip profile, Isospeed base.


Sidecut: 98-66-85

Flex: 80-65-85

Sizes: 168/175/182

Power spring structure, wood core, fiber tension box, LDG thermo base.


Sidecut: 103-68-91

Flex: 60-62-65

Sizes: 140/150/160

Multicell core, fiberglass layer, HMW base.

No... I don't have any idea what I just said, either.