Slam Video Details

Skier Name: Dylan Holt

Crash Location: Idaho Backcountry

Slam Detail: I’m 25 yrs old, I have been snowboarding for 16 yrs and I ride the backcountry of Idaho in the winter with my friends, this is a slam from a couple of years ago that was pretty gnarly. For my entry for best slam here, I was trying to ride these pillows and as you can see on the 2nd try, I hit the tree pretty hard, I thought I broke my hip but it was just really bruised.



Disclaimer: Slytech is NOT doing this contest to make light or sensationalize horrible ski or snowboard slams and accidents. Quite to the contrary, we are doing this to highlight how common it is to get into accidents on the mountain (or wherever people ski and snowboard). We are advocating AWARENESS and PROTECTION. When you lessen the probability of serious injury then you gain more days on snow (or sand) and are ultimately happier.

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