After a lucky last few days in the Uinta mountains of Utah skiing lines in surprisingly deep snow, I took off to Mount Shasta, CA to ski a private park with Rage Films.  After spending much of my season in the backcountry I did my best to find my long-lost park game to keep up with the youngsters Rage had invited.  The park crew and cat driver's of Mount Shasta did their best to battle Mother Nature's unusually high temperatures that reached well into the 70's and managed to push enough snow for us to turn into creative, fun features.


Our first day up we hit a roller coaster box with a bit of a gap on that was fun to warm up on.  What was more fun though was to watch teammate Cosco do some amazing flips out, mostly backs and fronts, all while claiming the whole way through with a hand held high.

Cosco claiming early. Probably front flip out.


The second day on the hill we found a poppy 60 foot table with a somewhat short landing that we modified into a shorter table with an up-rail dropped in the middle of the lip.  Very scary to look at, but once you found the right speed it was one of the more fun rails I've ever hit.

Cosco - 610 or 830 big deal.

Instead of 810's like Cosco was going, I stuck to 270's and 450's.


Thanks to Northern California's climate, large, branchless trees were scattered throughout, perfect for a tree stall.  After we played on the moss-covered tree for a day we put our efforts into a jungle gym type feature.  It included a wall ride, butter box type step up step down, and a large hip to match.  I don't think an explanation will suffice in describing the features, nor the few stills I managed to click, but peep the movie to see what happened on it.

Pretty self-explanatory.


Still missing the wallride, and unable to see the hip, this picture must have been taken by a blind guy, but yeah, there's a hip built, and that messy pile of snow was shaped into a wallride.

I'm back in Utah now about to watch a bunch of friends graduate college, but I'm off to Squaw Valley next for another super park shoot that should include a few more jumps.  I'll do my best to keep you all updated.  Hope everyone had a great season and enjoy the pictures.