Considering our park was bulletproof ice, and the mountain with almost 200 INCHES closes at 1 oclock, we were forced to take things into our own hands and get creative...So me and Travis and Erica traveled down the road to some different places.Photo By Travis DurtschiWe Hiked into the woods, and into some meadows to see what we could find, so with the hard icy incredible building snow, we constucted a perfect lip and jibbed some trees.Travis gives some head to the log.After the session, we decided to move elsewhere, driving down different roads, going to different hills, and different meadows, until we found something cool. The Next thing we jibbed was a nice fun diesel tank.Numerous jibs, slides, spins on and off, switchups, and even some pretzel combos were thrown on the tank, but you'll have to buy the movie to see all of those ;)erica amidst a spin on.Thinking the day was almost over, we went to check out one more spot, and a nice outhouse gap seemed to be the spot.The Shit Gap!Erica Gaps the Outhouse (Photo by Travis Durtschi)Even there Dog Misty came to get in on the actionOverall, it was a fun day, and a bad day of skiing turned into a full day of getting shots. And with another storm rolling into the cascades tonight, nothing but more shots should come out of it.Im off to west coast session next week with Jason, Dan, and maybe even the pirate. And Bentley has been getting endless shots, with a series of crazy spring park shoots.So stay tuned for more updates, and make sure to check out Overlooked This Fall.