I finally got around to finishing this edit from my Atomic Shoot to South America.  SageC, and DanaF both were the other skiers on this trip and Adam Clark was our photographer.  I filmed some of our activities and my favorite was for sure chucking boulders.

Big thanks to Jordan Harper for a new intro for this season.  I need to also thank Landis Tanaka for giving me a ton of music to work with for my Durtschi Diaries edits this season.  If he sends me more I will keep using it so that my video blogs have a fresh sound to them.  I hope you all enjoy these edits, I think I am going to keep doing some short and sweet diaries like this one, but I will try and add some more skiing!  The snow was not that great for us in South America but we got the catalog shoot done and had a ton of fun.

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