So all the boys headed straight from JOSS to Maine for the first ever Dumont Cup. It is the best event i have been to all year, so much fun. It is more like a skiing party with your friends, then a comp. So Tom Wallasch won, and was ready to spend his ten percent like all good pros do. Oh and Tom is officially no longer under ground. The event was more just like skiing the park with your friends while the judges watch, no pressure. Too bad I got super sick a few days before and was unable to compete, oh well there is always next year.

Gavin was waiting for us, ready to get his drink on. It also happend to be his b day so he got sloppy and puked in simons suite, classy.
Nate the queen of the dance floor make out. Too bad all the girls got to see and play with from nates pants was his phone
Troy from target came out to show his support and buy about a 100 drinks too many for all of us
Tom Wallasch doing the bird call to his credit card ready to open a tab for all of us.
Laurent flew all the way over from france just to give me the finger
Me and Luke donig something cool
The next morning, Shay was super pissed cause there were no hashbrowns. OHHH NOOO Shay
And Scott says he never gets hungover
Jake Largess idot twin brother who likes long walks on the beach, reading cosmo, and peeing the bed
Nate with awesome style, and no blackberry