my friends and I have recently come up with 2 new drinking games,  or

variations of preexisting drinking games i guess.   Theyre fun so i

thought i would share:

1. Waterloo   (since we invented it while visiting friends at University of Waterloo in ON) 

- round one is elimination flip cup style:   everyone plays one cup of flip cup and whoever is last to flip it single out.

- round 2 becomes 1 vs. all.   the single player now has a full cup

(standard red party cups) and they must play against the entire

remaining team who each have a standard flip cup amount of drink.\

- the 'team' plays normal flip up rules,   drinking only when the person before you has flipped successfully.

-  if the single person finishes first they get to choose the next person to be singled out.

- once youve been it you are out of the game, regardless of whether you

won or lost.  this ensures that the game gets more difficult for the

single player since there are less opponents.

- if the single player lost, the new single is determined by step 1/elimination.

-  this game can get you f' up.

2. Marshmallow / Mallow     (b/c we didnt have any ping pong balls last night so we used marshmallows instead)

-  2 players play a seemingly normal game of beer pong

-  the spectators get involved by sitting around the beer pong table and make bets on the game.

-  each spectator gets a certain number of poker chips, which they will use to makes bets.

-  any bet can be made,  and the number of chips you bet determines the number of drinks the loser    gets!

-  if someone runs out of chips they can make one last bet: their whole

drink.   however, this bet can be called with only 1 chip.   so its a

risky bet but very fun.

-   You can make initial bets on winners, and bets can be made on misses

or scores,  rim hits,  or you can call a trick shot for the players to

attempt.    really anything you want.  the crazier the bet you make is,

the more people youll attract to call you,   which can lead to you

making a lot of people drink at once!

-  note this game does not need to be played with marshmallows,   regular ping pong balls will probably work better

if you play these games please keep the names ive given for them.   it would be cool if they caught on.

cred to fellow newschoolers: canadiankev, digiac, and jose_phd.

- Spinoza