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At the end of January, I received one of the greatest phone calls of my life. I received an invitation to go to Japan on a trip filming for Two Plank Productions’ movie Because… that will be released next fall. I knew immediately that I would say yes. Two weeks later, I headed thousands of miles across the ocean in search of powder skiing.

Going to Japan was nothing short of a dream come true. I was so fortunate to have this opportunity to ski where I have seen so many ski movie segments come from. The trip lived up to my expectations and even surpassed them. I skied powder everyday and I was especially impressed with the terrain options there.

We spent 10 days in the beautiful country of Japan. Most days were spent either touring or hiking to backcountry zones off of the highways. We spent a couple days at the ski resorts, and it was great to get some lift-accessed powder.

I am happy with the way I skied on the trip and I am looking forward to the release of the movie.

Frankly though, this trip was so spectacular that it is hard to put into words. Check out these pictures from the trip. I hope this can at least give you an idea of how amazing it was.

Thanks to everyone at Black Diamond Lodge!

Japan’s most famous pillow line.
Japan’s most famous pillow line. Angle 2.
Our awesome guide Mitch. Thanks!
There’s something pretty special about skiing powder in the trees in Japan.
I had never seen terrain like this from Hokkaido. Absolutely incredible!
Neemi Onsen, an absolutely amazing zone. It was steep and pretty big for Japan!
We ate lunch from the gas station everyday. It was fun to shop for food there because you never knew what you were buying!
Snow fences, looking beautiful in some late light.
Yotei, the large volcano near Niseko.
Watermelons, one of the greatest zones of the trip.
A view of another part of Watermelons.
We skinned up the mountain on the right, Shirabetsu. (Shirabetsu translates to “avalanche”). It was some great skiing with some playful hits.
A natural spring that we got some water from.
Conveyor belt sushi, just like in the movies!

Thanks to Kiroro Ski Resort, Sapporo Teine, and Grand-Hirafu. Be sure to check out these ski areas if you ever get the chance!

Thanks to Two Plank Productions and my sponsors for making the trip happen. I hope to continue filming with Two Plank for the upcoming movie!