Dream Maker Terrain Park

Two weeks ago, we received over 50” of fresh snow! While it was super fun to play in, all of our Terrain Parks got buried. Consequently, park crew had to pull out all the old features and do a complete re-build. Dream Maker Terrain Park, located on Bear Mountain, now showcases 23 features including an S-Rail, “Big Black”, and 4-jump line! Check it out…

The top of the park begins with a super fun rail section

Will on the 2x6 down bar

Paul hand-dragging the Oil Tank

Will preparing to switch up the 24’ flat box

Cooper on the elbow rail. Check out the Metal Culvert in the back…

Zack playing on the roller coaster rail

Kevin throwing a smooth truckdriver 3 over the first step-down. In the background, you can see the 2x6 up rail, left hand hip, and Gatorade jug.

Cooper spinning the first jump

The middle section of the park starts with a rail feature into a 4-jump line of step downs and table tops.

“Big Black” is back! Here, Kevin slides big black which is our high bar that is 7 ft off the ground

Zach going for the 3 tail grab on the second hit of the 4-jump line

Kevin boosting the last jump

The last section of the park features even more rails before it ends in our Superpipe

Paul sliding the S-rail

Cooper greasing the R2R down rail which leads in a c-box

A big thanks goes out to Kevin, Paul, Cooper, Will, and Zach for taking some laps. Spring is here which means it’s time for you to come to Killington, session Dream Maker, and work on your goggle tan!

Complete Park map: http://www.killington.com/winter/mountain/ride_killington/parksmanager/dream_maker

For more information, please visit http://www.killington.com