I don't like to support the downloading of music when you are not paying

for it, but i had to give this little application some credit.


you have never used Seeqpod try it out, its a great search engine,

which trawls the internet for music files. Recently they changed their

layout so that you cant view the URL of the mp3s the search returned

(Except on the iphone and maybe if you login) so you couldn't download

the music file.

Lucky I found this after some looking.


called seeqSearch, a small application that uses the Seeqpod search

engine to find music. You can then download them straight from the net

to your PC, it even checks for the existence of the file.

What i love about it is that it is only 356kbs in size, a simple interface, and regularly updated.

Check seeqSearch out. (German Version)

Make sure you buy the music you downloaded afterwards, only if you like it i suppose.