Our trip to China has been amazing, to see a country in the midst of a growth spurt really is something else. As you may or may not know we make many of our products here in China and this trip in particular is focused on 2012/2013 development with our manufactures. We as a business are proud to have long lasting relationships with our factories here in China, something we have been working on ever since the start of this brand. No sweatshops or child labor is involved in any part of our manufacturing our products and I must say with how modernized China is becoming the local population won’t stand for that treatment anymore. Our facilities are clean and the employees listen to their ipods and text on their cell phones just like you and I but the bottom line is manufacturing is what China does. As we walked the productions floors there was the feeling of productivity and a fast paced environment but there are plenty of jobs that meet that criteria, it was nothing unusual to today’s workforce. The point I am trying to make is that we choose to produce our products here not because it is an easier or cheaper alternative (because it’s not) but because we support the quality and working relationships we have here and have a deep respect for all people that go into each and every piece of a Saga clothing.

This is what a production floor looks like.
This is one of the many faces behind building the Saga product. She was more than happy to pose for a portrait, which reminds me that I need to email her this shot.