So, you know when someone is all frustrated and they are complaining to you and then you comment something like, "I would help if I were there."Well, two days ago, as I had just arrived in Mammoth from a 3 day trip to LA, my mother called me as I was getting ready to go skiing.The conversation went something like this:Mom - "You will never believe what happened."Me - "what?"Mom - "The person that was supposed to drive the Cadilac and bring the dogs down to North Carolina canceled on us today."Me - "Thats no good, If I were still in MN I would totally do it."Mom - "You would? That would be great. See if you can find airfare under $400."Me - "ok....."Mom - "call me back once you find out"So then I notice I have a voicemail and listen to it, basically my mother had already asked me to come down through a voicemail and I had apparently just agreed to do so when I said I would do it if I were there. AGHH!So I find a flight leaving at 6 in the morning. I end up having to leave Mammoth around 6 pm that night. I did not get to go skiing cause I had so much to take care of. I got into LA around 12 30 had to be at the airport at 4 30 and got less than 3 hours of sleep. Now I am in Minnesota listening to these dogs bark non stop. (My mom has 2 little dogs and 2 big ones... love the big ones, hate the little ones.)Tomorrow I drive to Illinois and then tuesday to North Carolina. This wouldn't be so bad except I just found out my ski season may be ending April 10th which is a full month earlier than I had anticipated. So a week less of skiing is huge. That and I am now missing 3 work shifts totally around 15 hours and missing an additional 25 hours of web work. So I am losing over $500 worth of income for the week. I really really really need that $500. I don't think my mother realizes that I am losing all of this. I am wondering how the conversation is going to go. "Hey mom, so.... want to pay me $500 for doing this." "No, you offered to come here." "I didn't volunteer though and I'm missing out on over $500 because of this and amazing skiing." "we will talk about this later." ...... two weeks later. "Hey mom, I owe $750 for rent and I'm $500 short. " "How did that happen?" "remember how I helped you move?, I'm going to need that $500." Ugh, I am so not looking forward to this. I want to go skiing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Karma Owes me huge on this one.