In the wake MDV's announcement on Monday, Douchebags, the brainchild of freeski legend Jon Olsson & friend Truls Brataas, have announced that they have also cut ties with Kiernan & Deven Fagan. The Douchebags Head of Marketing, Chris Booth, released the following statement:

"It has come to our attention that Marker Dalbello Volkl (MDV) has decided to end their sponsorship of Deven and Kiernen Fagan following tasteless and inappropriate social media content posted by them conveying apparent racial slurs. We agree with the actions of MDV and have decided to also end our support of these two athletes. Db supported the Fagan brothers with free products since 2019 and they have supported the brand on social media. We appreciate their performance on skis but we don't support this kind of behaviour. We just don't. It's not us. We join MDV in condemning the use of and affiliation with racial slurs in our sport, and at all. We encourage the Fagan brothers to reflect on their actions from the past and embrace the opportunity to do better."