I suppose chronological order works.Thursday was probably an amazing day to go skiing with a fresh 4 feet of powder, but alas, I stayed home. Friday I went out though and had a blast riding with the Danish guys. As I was sitting enjoying a nice cold beverage I met a fantastic lady named Em. It wasn't the first time we had met, but it was the first time we actually hung out. She is quite fantastic and has been living in Mammoth for 6 years. No idea how I never met her before. Anyway, she took me to the super pipe and showed me how to do it properly. On the 4th run I successfully got out of the super pipe, all 18 feet. That was pretty much the end of the day though so I headed home to make chicken pineapple enchiladas for 6 guys from Denmark. Saturday was the wonderful Nikita Chikita competition. I was expecting a little more out of it. Last year the riders were amazing. This year, the riders were good. Best trick was a switch backside one. There was a decent amount of people watching though, so that was cool. Anyway... I went over to main park and started doing the small jumps on Forrest Trail (15 - 20 feet). No idea what happened as I slammed my face into a patch of ice on the landing. I got a light concussion and bruising around my eye. Supposedly that qualifies as a black eye. I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't more obvious. Sunday: What a day. I slept all day thinking about skiing. It was nice. Then I went out for Em's going away party (she is going to Japan/France/Switzerland for a month). We all went to Sushi Rey and I ordered sushi, not vegetarian sushi but real sushi- a California roll. The sushi was not what is important here, it was the company. It is nights like last night that make me remember just how close Mammoth is to Los Angeles. It was Em, 5 locals, a Brit, 6 Danes, a girl from Breckenridge, and Ricki from A Double Shot at Love. I had no clue who Ricki was but everyone else seemed to know. She was there with the British fellow and was quite affectionate. Being that I had no idea who she was I was surprised to find out she was also being quite affectionate with me and with a few of the other ladies there. Poor girl had been fed alcohol all day on her flight up from San Diego, so she was quite smashed. She shouldn't be fully blamed, she kept getting poured saki. After this event there was a Lingerie party at Lakanuki. Of course Laka would do something like that... Girls running around scantily clad in the middle of the winer, totally makes sense. All the girls were going so I opted to go as well. I didn't go all out like they did, just the AA socks shorts and a tank. But watching the stripping action that was going on... amazing that girls can move that way. Alas, I ended up having to take Ricki to her room with the help of my favorite security guard. Upon drop off she straight up kissed me. I was completely surprised. I'm not the Katy Perry type. I don't go around kissing girls. It wasn't even the sort where you try to just impress the boys, it was a straight up kiss. So weird..... Now all you boys can be jealous, I was kissed by a girl in Playboy. Yay Mammoth.On a side note: Mammoth is having one of the best seasons it has had in many many years. So nice.