15 powdered donuts on each plate. Yum!

Technine riders MFM, Dylan Thompson, Ben Bilodeau Jeremy, and Brady have been at camp this week. They set up a sick Dream Feature on hill, complete with a dumpster-jump with an actual dumpster, a wallride, jersey barrier and all sorts of other fun features. Down at camp, Ben and Brady have been skating a ton and everyone has been hanging out. Earlier in the session, they put on the Technine Powdered Donut Eating Competition. Each camper had to eat 15 mini donuts the fastest, in order to win new gear from Technine. It was awesome and ended in the biggest donut food fight that you will have to see in video when the Windells film crew releases the edit. Donuts have always been pretty delicious, but Technine made them really fun, too!

Adult host, Kenny "KMart" Martinez is part of the Technine crew and Ben Bilodeau is one of Technine's Am riders. They spent a few minutes getting the plates of donuts ready for the campers.
Technine's Dylan Thompson and Johnny Tsunami wait eagerly for the competition to begin.
Excited campers, ready to eat as many donuts as they can.
The competition was crazy and everyone gathered round the picnic tables to watch.
Wearing a helmet is reccommended during eating contests.

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