From time to time, I like to tune into the HTML abortion that is so I can fuel up on my Rhode Island news.  We don’t have the racism, nepotism and government corruption that the folks in good ol’ RI do, and I miss it.  There are only so many feel-good stories I can read in the Colorado news before I really get the hankerin’ for some east coast journalism.

Last night after my bike ride I decided to dip in on to see what was going on this week in Lil’ Rhody, one of the headlines was so poorly constructed and the imagery such a terrible fit that I honestly thought it was a joke.

Here’s the headline…

Somebody take a look at the headline and the photo.  Does that crowd look thrilled to you?  To me, it looks like there’s 8,300 soaking wet people listening to a musician that more than likely has shit his own pants more than once in the past 30 days.

Thrilled is not the word I would have chosen for the headline, nor would I have used such a shit-tastic photo.  Hell, look at the gentlemen in the 2nd row, all the way to the right in the red-shirt.  He’s so thrilled that he’s drilling his hands into his armpits in a futile attempt to hold in his intense excitement for Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson or John “Cougar” Mellencamp… Or, maybe he’s just conceling the gun that he’s going to use to blow his own brains out.

Either way, great job Projo.